Tissue and Serum Repository

Our Mission

The Feist-Weiller Cancer Center Tissue and Serum Repository (TSR) supports research by insuring investigators have access to quality tissue and body fluid specimens annotated with appropriate clinical, pathologic and outcome data to facilitate their research.

We insure that all samples are collected with proper informed consent.

We follow the guidelines of International Society Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), College of American Pathologists (CAP) and National Institutes of Cancer (NCI).

Our Facilities

The Feist-Weiller Cancer Center Tissue and Serum Repository (TSR) consists of de-identified tissue and /or blood samples obtained from patients under IRB approved protocols coupled with a database of clinical and laboratory data. The TSR consists of three laboratory spaces. Our main location, comprises our office/data storage area, specimen storage and genomic isolation services, and a second space specifically for histology services.

The TSR stores its sample inventory in either vapor phase liquid nitrogen or -80°C freezers. All units are remotely alarmed and monitored for temperature compliance. We maintain a secure, searchable database containing all relevant specimen information.

Tissue Access & Distribution    

Our services include consenting of eligible patients, coordination for specimen collection, storage, data management and specimen distribution. Any qualified researcher may apply to the TSR requesting materials and information for a research project. All requests are reviewed and approved by the repository director. However, prior to receiving any samples, the researcher must have an IRB approval/determination.

Each specimen is accompanied by a data sheet containing information such as age at time of collection, race, gender and relevant clinical and pathological data.  Our samples are verified by a pathologist.

We distribute tissue pieces, serum/plasma aliquots and bone marrow aspirate stored in freezing media. We offer H&E, unstained sections on slides as well as paraffin and OCT curls.  Isolated genomic DNA and RNA are currently available on a limited basis.

Repository Personnel

Technical Director
Ellen Friday, PhD

Mylinh Smith

Research Associate
Christi Eugene

Advisory Committee Chair
Jerry McLarty, PhD


Main Office
(318) 675-4279

(318) 675-4327