What is cancer survivorship?

Our program is to help cancer survivors become thrivers. Survivorship clinics focused on menu, mood, movement and mindfulness. Our program focused on improving life after cancer by focusing on plant based nutrition, healthy approaches to side effects such as anxiety and depression, pain, fatigue, neuropathy, insomnia, and stress.

Who is a cancer survivor?

A cancer survivor is any patient who has cancer now or has had cancer in the past. Now that you have completed active treatment, you may be wondering, “Who will be taking care of my health now?” Your care team will keep taking care of you. We will see you regularly to provide the information and care you need to live the healthiest life possible.

How do we help?

Our program combines a traditional doctor's appointment with the benefits of a support group. We meet in groups once per month to give tips and provide resources on how to eat an anti-cancer diet, decrease stress and anxiety, and manage side effects. These appointments are designed to help you improve and maintain your health as a cancer survivor while focusing on three key areas: menu, mind, and movement.

Meetings take place each month. During the first hour of the appointment you will meet with your providers. The second hour includes a group educational session about topics that address health challenges you may face as a cancer survivor. Check out the schedule below and consult your provider during your initial visit to see which group is right for you. Each meeting highlights a different topic, so be sure to attend all six to make the most out of your survivorship program!

For appointments and questions, contact Carol Crooms at (318) 626-4124 or carol.crooms@ochsnerlsuhs.org.
We teach patients to eat, move, and think in a way that lowers risk of cancer and improves side effects.
We are here to help meet your needs and goals.