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One year Anniversary - March 25, 2021

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Announcement Press Conference - March 25, 2020

Researchers from academic institutions in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia have partnered to publish a playbook detailing their model developed for establishing collaborative, community-centered infectious diseases surveillance programs committed to improving equity in genomic sequencing.

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The Center for Emerging Viral Threats at LSUHS recently sequenced the first instances in Louisiana of the XBB.1.16 and XBB.1.9.1 variants. "Detecting these very recently emerging variants demonstrates the robustness of our efforts,” said Krista Queen, PhD, Director of Viral Genomics and Surveillance.

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Shreveport Times - The Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats (CEEVT) and its wastewater monitoring laboratory at LSU Health Shreveport have been testing wastewater samples to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in local communities.

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Mercury News - The (new) variants look a lot like the virus that was the template of our new bivalent booster, so vaccination still works. “It’s not a perfect match … but it’s close,” said Jeremy Kamil, a virologist at LSUHS, who studies variant mutations. “In most cases, that’s going to keep the infection in check.”

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Bloomberg - Jeremy Kamil, virologist and professor of microbiology and immunology at LSUHS, shares, "Vaccinated and previously infected people have robust and still-intact lines of defense, such as memory T-cells and B-cells. People previously infected also have additional immune cells that reside in the respiratory tract."

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318 Forum - The 155,000-square-foot Center for Medical Education will be home to large classroom spaces, clinical skills labs and simulation suites – each designed to encourage collaboration, active engagement and innovative thinking. 

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The Louisiana Board of Regents has supported full five-year approval for the Louisiana Addiction Research Center (LARC) and Center for Emerging Viral Threats (CEVT), with the CEVT continuing to be a designated Center of Research Excellence. The Board of Regents approval follows unanimous approval of both centers by the LSU Board of Supervisors earlier this year. Both centers were previously granted provisional approval and applied for full center approval earlier this year.

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The Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats’ (CEVT) Viral Genomics and Surveillance Lab has surpassed uploading its’ 15,000th sequence to GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing Influenza Data). The LSU Health Shreveport CEVT team has worked tirelessly since early in the COVID-19 pandemic to sequence and track variants of SAR-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

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NY Times - Opinion - Dr. Jeremy Kamil, ... , shares "As a virologist, it’s important to me that people understand Covid-19 remains a great concern. But this does not excuse or license a misdiagnosis of the current situation."

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Popular Science - The BA.5 wave may not overwhelm hospitals to the degree seen last winter, although emergency rooms and ICUs are already stretched thin. “But there’s definitely going to be an increase to some degree,” says Dr. Jeremy Kamil, a virologist who has led sequencing at LSUHS.

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Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy was instrumental in the receipt of this funding for LSUHS, which will enhance the impact of the Center for Emerging Viral Threats (CEVT) as it is able to expand significantly in the new Center for Medical Education building. Additional medical education and research opportunities will yield enhanced economic impact to the region and the state.

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