Mission and Values

Since its inception in 1990, the CEAR has served as a leader within the LSU Health Shreveport in its mission of “education, service and scholarly activities” as well as community service and fundraising.

All of the activities involving CEAR members are intended to enhance and fulfill this mission as well as the strategic goals of the institution. These include teaching and service as positive role models for trainees, actively participating on institutional committees, providing excellent patient care, contributing to research activities and the written body of literature and augmenting the institution’s local/ national and international reputation.


Within the Schools of Medicine, Graduate Studies and Allied Health Professionals, the CEAR has contributed tremendously to educating trainees at all levels. Our faculty actively teach freshman and sophomore medical students in the Basic Sciences in Module 1, Clinical Sciences in Module 2, serve as leaders for Facilitated Learning Groups, History and Examination instructors as part of the Foundations in Medicine Courses. Furthermore, the faculty teach both rheumatology and Internal Medicine to junior and senior medical students in clinical as well as lecture settings in addition to lectures for the graduate school students and physician assistant program students.

The faculty train Rheumatology fellows, Internal Medicine Residents and Medical students in the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complications related to Rheumatologic diseases.


The Center of Excellence for Arthritis and Rheumatology takes pride in taking care of adult and pediatric patients with Rheumatologic diseases from over a 300-mile radius regardless of their ability to pay. Community outreach including awareness campaigns, support groups and educational talks is one of our priorities as a way to make a bigger impact.

Scholarly activities:

We strive to make a positive impact with contributions to research in the ever advancing field of Rheumatology. The faculty and fellows of the CEAR have successfully completed multiple projects that were presented at national and international meetings as well as publications in multiple peer reviewed journals.