Community Outreach

Eat Right and Move Program

The Eat Right and Move Program is designed to provide physical activity and nutritional education in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood to decrease cardiovascular and brain health risk factors in the African American community.  Our goal is to decrease obesity and heart disease risk factors that are directly related to dementia risk.  We hope to facilitate lifestyle modification within the community that is sustainable by identifying community peer health mentors. 
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Women jogging

Health Screenings

We also work with LSU Ag at Noel Methodist Church and the We Grow Together Campus in Shreveport to provide biannual health fairs. These health fairs have also been done at  The We Grow Together Campus in Shreveport- both fairs serve low income, underserved populations. Both events are done with students for students to understand the importance of being involved in community outreach and providing pro bono services as part of our professional practice.