Biomedical Research and Industry Day (BRAID) is hosted by a partnership between the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences (CCDS),  Center for Brain Health (CBH), and Louisiana Addiction Research Center (LARC) at LSU Health Shreveport, and Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS),  in collaboration with University of Louisiana Monroe, the Innovation Enterprise at Louisiana Tech UniversityCentenary College of Louisiana and Grambling State University.

The target audience for this annual conference includes students, trainees, scientists and clinicians conducting biomedical research who are interested in the interface between the laboratory and industry. There will be talks from scientific and industry experts, talks from trainees, and networking workshops will be available.

Save the date! Biomedical Research and Industry Day returns...
November 1, 2024
Location: LSU Health Shreveport - Center for Medical Education

Abstract Submission Deadline is October 4, 2024.
Registration Deadline is October 23, 2024.



  • Establish collaborative partnerships between researchers at LSU Health Shreveport, Louisiana State University - Shreveport, Louisiana Tech, University of Louisiana Monroe, and Grambling State University to support applications for extramural funding and promote the commercialization and licensing of biotechnology discoveries.
  • Inspire new thinking and discussions that will drive innovation in translational research and biomedical engineering over the next decade.  
  • Foster exchange of experiences between industries, businesses and people involved with biomedical research.
  • Expose undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate trainees to training opportunities available in industry and across all institutions. 
  • Explore methods of transitioning discoveries from the laboratory to the commercial sector.


What Attendees Say They Like Most About BRAID...

BRAID Testimonial - 5

Jolie Boullion shares, "I chose to participate in BRAID to practice my presentation skills. Let everyone know about my research that I did this summer with MS-Cardio, which was a really awesome opportunity. And I also wanted to meet some other professionals and other medical students and students here at LSU-S. I wanted to do research because research propels us forward in medicine. We always need it to see where we need to go and what direction we need to improve upon so that patients get better outcomes."

BRAID Testimonial - 4

Caymen Hawkins shares, "Back in 2018 and 2019, I participated as a high school student, as a high school junior to high school senior, and I really did enjoy it. You know, I learned a lot. It was awesome to be able to present as a high schooler, in front of doctors and PhDs and medical students. It was really awesome experience. So I came back and as a college senior, I've come back to do the same."

BRAID Testimonial - 3

"Researchers, students from multiple institutes as well as researchers from multiple industries joined BRAID.  It was a good opportunity to improve our networks."

Centenary College of Louisiana



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