Scholarship and Fee Waivers

Listed below are examples of scholarships and fee waivers that have been received by students attending LSU Health Shreveport in the past.  Students receiving funding from outside sources and private donors should submit the award information to the Student Financial Aid Office at least 3-4 weeks prior to registration or as soon as the notice of the award is received by the student

Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation – Vocational rehabilitation services are delivered on the basis of an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) that must be developed by both the professional Rehabilitation Counselor and the client. This IPE combines the Counselor’s professional expertise with the needs and choices of the client. It is developed after a thorough assessment and evaluation of the individual’s rehabilitation potential. The IPE must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office before loans or campus based aid will be offered. For more information, visit:

LSU Board of Supervisors Scholarship - The primary determining factors for awarding scholarships are academic excellence, special talent, and financial need.  All scholarships are awarded for one academic year only, which includes the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. However, Board members may choose the option of awarding their scholarships on a semester-by-semester basis. For more information, visit the LSU Board of Supervisors Scholarship Information page. 

Louisiana National Guard Fee Exemption - The National Guard Fee Exemption is available to active members of the Louisiana National Guard, who are not on scholastic probation and who participate in the Louisiana National Guard. Applicants should apply through their unit commander at least 6 weeks prior to registration.  Students eligible for the National Guard Fee Exemption should contact the Student Financial Aid Office at least 3-4 weeks prior to registration and must provide a photo copy of their military id. For more information, visit

Louisiana’s Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) - is a comprehensive program of state scholarships. The TOPS award amount is determined by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance.  Graduate and Professional students are eligible to use remaining semesters of TOPS eligibility. Schools are notified via a Master Roster of all students eligible to receive this scholarship. For more information, visit LOSFA's website

Louisiana Start Program – Savings program established by the state to allow families to begin saving for educational expenses. In order to request a disbursement from the student’s Start account to pay for qualified higher education expenses, the Request for Disbursement Form must be submitted to the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance. For more information, visit LOSFA's Start Saving page.  

LSU Employee Tuition Exemptions - LSU Health Shreveport employees may register for up to six hours per semester to attend job-related undergraduate or graduate courses and receive full tuition exemption at select LSU System campus. The hours are limited to three semester hours during the summer term. Employees must  obtain approval from their department head or supervisor, be employed by LSU at least one full year prior to registration, work full time (100%), and be a non-academic or other academic employee.  Approved Tuition Exemption Forms must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office prior to the tuition and fee deadline. The student must secure all required signatures prior to submitting the form for processing. For more information, contact the Human Resource Department.

LSU Hardship Fee Waiver - The Louisiana Legislature authorized Louisiana state colleges and universities to assess an Academic Excellence Fee and an Operational fee to all students. The Legislature has directed and the LSU Health Shreveport has made provisions for students with demonstrated hardships brought about as a result of this fee increase by offering a Hardship Waiver. All students receiving federal financial aid funds are given consideration with priority given to students with higher financial need as defined by the federal student aid programs.  To receive the award, students must complete the FAFSA for the applicable year and other financial aid documents, if required, by the specified deadlines.  Students must have a zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to be eligible. Students are ranked by FAFSA completion date and are awarded in order until funds are exhausted. No other application is required. Students benefiting from other tuition/fee exemptions programs such as TOPS recipients and LSU Board of Supervisor Scholarship recipients are not eligible for the LSU Health Shreveport Hardship waiver. The LSU Hardship Fee Waiver is available to undergraduate and graduate/professional students. 
MD/PHD Waiver – Tuition and Non-resident fees are waived for the third and fourth year of medical schools for students enrolled in the MD/PHD program. For more information, see the Assistant Dean of Admissions for the School or Medicine or the Dean of Graduate Studies. 

Graduate Studies Fee Waiver – Tuition assistance and sometimes a stipend is available for students enrolled in eligible programs of study in the School of Graduate Studies.  For information and application procedures, contact the School of Graduate Studies.  

National Health Service Corp – Students can receive tuition, fees, a living stipend and other reasonable educational costs in exchange for agreeing to serve at a NHSC approved sites. Students must serve in a Health Professional Shortage Area of greatest need. Applications are accepted once a year from students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited health professions training program in an eligible primary care discipline: medicine (MD or DO), dentistry, family nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife or physician assistant. For more information, visit

Institutional Scholarships - School of Medicine Only - LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine Scholarship Committee under the guidance of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs awards all institutional scholarships for medical students.  Students wishing to apply for LSU Health Shreveport scholarships should complete the FAFSA. The Office of Student Affairs will notify selected applicants of the award, so students can contact the Office of Student Affairs at (318) 675.5339 for information regarding institutional scholarship awards and the selection criteria.

Veterans Benefits – Students receiving dependent/spousal benefits should contact the Student Financial Aid Office.  Students receiving other veterans’ benefits should contact the Registrar’s Office. For additional information regarding the processing and disbursing of funds please visit the Veterans Benefits website. 

Military Scholarships – Students can receive tuition, fees, and other reasonable educational costs and a living stipend in exchange for years of service as active duty military.  Students receiving military scholarships should submit their contact to the Bursar’s Office at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to registration. 

For more information please contact the offices below or visit the web links:

US Army Medical Recruiting Center
900 Pierremont Rd, Ste 217
Shreveport, LA 71106
(318) 861-3751

Navy Medical Recruiting Station
1300 Pine Crest Drive
Marshall, TX 75670
(903) 935-3871
Navy Medical Recruiting

Air Force Health Professions Recruiting Station
3030 Matlock Rd., Ste 210
Arlington, TX 76015-2936
(817) 524-2030