Office of the Bursar


The LSU Health Shreveport Office of the Bursar sends electronic invoices for student tuition, fees, and other optional fees charged to a Student’s account. Invoices are sent out prior to each semester with the due date being the first day of the semester.  Students are considered delinquent by day 14 in Fall/Spring and day 7 in Summer and will receive a block on their account. Additional electronic invoices are sent monthly as needed.  Electronic invoices includes activity such as charges, payments, financial aid refunds that have been applied to the Student Account since the previous invoice was sent.  This same information is also available in the financial section of the self-service portal.  

Students who have not met their financial obligations by the end of the semester will not be allowed transcripts, grades or future enrollment until payment is made in full.  

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday
8:15 am to 3:15 pm


Office of the Bursar
LSU Health Shreveport
1501 Kings Highway
Medical School Building
Room B1-218
Shreveport, LA 71130

Office Staff
Phone: (318) 675-5224
Fax: (318) 675-5419

The Office of the Bursar administers electronic tuition and fee statements, receives university fees and charges, and processes excess financial aid.

The Cashier, which is part of the Office of the Bursar, collects and accounts for departmental deposits.


Summer Semester

Medical Students -

P1 1/6/20 – 5/29/20 Block Date 1/27/20

P2 1/6/20 – 5/29/20 Block Date 1/27/20

P3 1/6/20 – 6/24/20 Block Date 1/27/20

P4 1/6/20 – 5/22/20 Block Date 1/27/20


Allied Health Students -

AHSG session 1 5/19/20-7/31/20  Block Date 5/29/20

AHSG session 2  5/26/20-7/31/20 Block Date 6/4/20

AGSG session 5   5/11/20-8/21/20 Block Date 5/20/20

AGSU session 1 5/19/20-7/31/20 Block Date 5/29/20


Graduate Studies Students -

GRSS session 1  6/1/20 - 7/24/20 Block Date 6/10/20

Photo of Students studying together.

Office of the Bursar