If you are involved in an emergency situation, are the victim of a crime, or witness any criminal activity, you are urged to notify the LSU Health Shreveport Police Department as soon as possible by dialing 911 or (318) 675-6165 / (318) 675-6233, UPD Crime Hotline (318) 675-3873 or by using the LSU Shield App on your smartphone. Off-campus crimes may be reported to the Shreveport Police Department or Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office. Both of these law enforcement agencies can be reached by dialing 911.

All persons associated with LSU Health Shreveport must wear their ID badge when on LSU Health Shreveport property. 

The University Police Department provides police and security services for LSU Health Shreveport.  The safety and security of our students, faculty, employees, patients, and visitors here at LSU Health are of utmost importance.  The University Police Department, in conjunction with the other LSU Health Shreveport departments, strives to provide a safe campus.  However, a truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of all persons who use, visit and work on the campus.  You can contribute to a safe environment by supporting your University Police Department in its efforts and by utilizing preventative measures to reduce the opportunity for criminal acts.   Potential criminal activity, suspicious persons and other emergencies on LSU Health Shreveport property may be reported directly by anyone.  

LSU Health Shreveport has NO on-campus student housing. Crime prevention programs emphasizing security and what residents can do to help themselves be more secure are provided for LSU Health Shreveport members who reside off-campus. LSU Health Shreveport University Police, local Parish Sheriff's Offices and the City Police Department crime prevention units may assist in personal residence security surveys. LSU Health Shreveport issues "timely warnings" when it considers a crime to pose an ongoing threat to students and employees. Timely warnings include email announcements, alert flyers, and bulletin board notices.


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Your safety is our priority!

The LSU Shield mobile application will improve your safety and security! Download it now!
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Available to everyone: students, staff, faculty and visitors
  • Summon emergency services by telephone with a single button
  • Submit non-emergency reports including a picture and a video
  • Two-way chat with LSU Police
  • Submit anonymously
  • Instantly notify pre-identified contacts of your safety and location
  • FriendWatch feature allows your pre-identified contacts to monitor your safety plus much more!

Campus Safety App FAQ's

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