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In addition to shuttle bus service to the more distant parking lots, officers are available for staff, students, and faculty who desire an escort from LSU Health Shreveport to any parking lot.  By calling (318) 675-6165 an escort can be summoned to your location to accompany you to any LSU Health Shreveport parking lot.  If arriving for work at night, call ahead for an officer to meet you at your assigned parking lot and escort you into the building.

The University Police Department offers motorist assistance which includes jump-starting vehicles or contacting emergency road services upon request.   

Lost & Found

The University Police Department serves as the central collection point for lost and found items, such as keys, backpacks, eyeglasses and badges.  

Property found may be turned in at any time to Lost and Found.  Please call (318) 675-6165 and an officer will be dispatched to your location.

If you have lost an item you may call University Police (318) 675-6165 to find out if your property has been recovered or turned in.  The lost and found holding area is located in the Medical School Building, Room G-213, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.  If you stop by and the door is locked, please contact (318) 675-6165 and an officer will be dispatched.

Parking Citations

University Police Officers issue LSU Health Shreveport parking citations.  Once a parking citation has been issued, it is forwarded to the Auxiliary Services Parking Office where payments are made and appeals are accepted and forwarded to the Parking Committee for review.  You may contact the Parking Office at (318) 675-7651. 


53873 (53-UPD)

University Police
On Campus Emergency Calls
675-6165 or

Director – University Police
Vaughn Burris
Administration Building
Room 1-129
(318) 675-6161

Associate Director – University Police
Scott Phillips
B-Building Room G-200
(318) 675-6164

Investigations Division

Captain Jamie Walker
Administration Building
Room 1-129
(318) 675-7842

Lt. Olishia King
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-8345

Sgt. Bryan Montgomery
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-5121

Patrol Division
Captain Dwain Rice
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-6168


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