LSU Health Shreveport University Police Department encourages prompt and accurate reporting of all crimes to University Police and appropriate police agencies, even when the victim of a crime elects to or is unable to make such a report.


If you are a victim or witness any criminal or suspicious activity, fire, or other emergency you are urged to notify the University Police in a timely manner by dialing 318-675-6165 or 911, or by using the LSU Shield App on your smartphone. In the event of an emergency or ongoing threat, please get to a safe location first and then report the incident.


Why is it important to report all incidents?

Regardless of how you decide to report these incidents, it is critical for the safety of the entire LSU Health Shreveport community that you report all incidents in a timely manner which allows University Police to assess the complaint for the purpose of issuing timely warnings or emergency notifications. It will also ensure if an investigation or any appropriate follow-up actions need to be taken.  When someone chooses not to report the incident; we encourage survivors to at least consult a confidential resource to receive important counseling and referral information. Remember you do not have to file a report to obtain these services.


How does University Police record and monitor criminal activity off campus?

University Police also records and monitors, when notified by local law enforcement agencies, any criminal activity by students at non campus locations of student organizations officially recognized by the university (LSU Health Shreveport does not have any on- or off-campus housing facilities). University Police makes every effort to provide a record of the incident to the Dean’s Office for review and follow-up action.  There are three schools that comprise the LSU Health Shreveport community (School of Allied Health Professions, School of Graduate Studies, and School of Medicine) and each have their own policies that outline standards of conduct governing their constituents and provide procedures for sanctioning violations of those standards.  Allegations of student misconduct are forwarded to the designated official at the school the student attends for review.  Employee matters are forwarded to Human Resources for review. When appropriate, an incident will be referred to the Title IX Office for review. 


What are my reporting options?

What Resources are available?

Are there programs for support?