The Public Safety Department provides many services to the
LSU Health Shreveport community.

We are committed to courtesy and excellence and to the philosophy of community policing which means police officers are assigned to designated areas to develop a relationship with the various groups residing or working there. Our officers are willing to meet with groups to define problems and to develop strategies to maintain a safe environment and conduct special programs. The Public Safety Department is composed of three sections:  the University Police, Guards, and Communications Officers. The department provides police and security services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to campus patients, visitors, staff, faculty, students, and employees at all local facilities. These services generally consist of information, parking assistance, escorts, police protective services, and criminal investigations. 

The University Police are sworn and commissioned police officers with the full range of police powers, including the authority to make arrests. Guards provide information and assistance to patients and visitors and provide security at our remote parking lots. Communications Officers support both the University Police and Guards. They monitor the fire and security alarm systems and alert and direct officers to needed areas. Police officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services, including crime reports, investigations, medical and fire emergencies, traffic accidents, parking violations, enforcement of laws regulating consumption of alcoholic beverages, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and all other incidents requiring police assistance.

University Police compile information, prepare reports and submit incident reports to local and state law enforcement agencies. The department shares information on arrests and serious crimes with the Shreveport City Police and the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office when necessary. Computer checks of warrants for wanted persons can be conducted through computer link-up with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. The terminal provides access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) which accesses the computer files of all criminal justice systems within each of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. University Police investigators are available or on-call to conduct criminal investigations, crime prevention surveys and provide personal protection tips.

University Police patrols offer assistance to motorists. Services include assistance to jumpstart vehicles and contacting of commercial road services for other vehicle assistance such as unlocking vehicle doors and changing tires. In addition to shuttle bus service to the more distance parking lots, an ESCORT is provided for staff, students, and faculty who desire an escort from the building to their assigned close-in parking area. By calling (318) 675-6165 or (318) 675-6233, an escort can be summoned to your location to accompany you to any medical center parking lot. If arriving for work at night, call ahead and an officer will meet you at your assigned parking area to escort you into the building. Potential criminal activity and other emergencies on campus property can be reported directly by anyone. University Police can be reached from any telephone by dialing (318) 675-6165 or (318) 675-6233.

Hospital and medical school facilities are open to the public during the day and evening hours. After 9 pm, entry to the facility can only be gained via emergency room entrance. Employees, staff, faculty, and students may enter the complex through doors controlled by the card access system. Each person's access card is individually programmed by the Department of Public Safety for specific doors as requested by the department head. All persons associated with LSU Health must wear their photo ID when on property. An integrated system of closed circuit cameras with video taping, office personnel alarms, parking lot alarms, door alarms, and card access system augment our officers in providing a safe and secure campus.

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Your safety is our priority!


53873 (53-UPD)

University Police
On Campus Emergency Calls
675-6165 or

Director – University Police
Vaughn Burris
Administration Building
Room 1-129
(318) 675-6161

Associate Director – University Police
Scott Phillips
B-Building Room G-200
(318) 675-6164

Investigations Division

Captain Jamie Walker
Administration Building
Room 1-129
(318) 675-7842

Lt. Olishia King
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-8345

Sgt. Bryan Montgomery
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-5121

Patrol Division
Captain Dwain Rice
B-Building Room G-213
(318) 675-6168


University Police

University Police

University Police