Strategic Plan



LSUHSC-S Strategic Plan (HMA)

The institution embarked on the development of its current strategic plan in 2019, commencing with a deliberate effort to involve key stakeholders such as faculty, staff, students, and external partners.  Through collaborative efforts, these stakeholders gathered and analyzed data to shape the strategic plan, ensuring a collective and inclusive approach. The resulting LSUHSC-S Strategic Plan encompasses seven core strategic areas, which were identified through a thorough assessment of the entire institution. This plan serves as a roadmap for the institution's long-term growth and vitality, capitalizing on its existing strengths while directing efforts and investments towards areas where LSUHSC-S can make the most significant impact.  It represents a unified purpose, providing clear direction for the institution to advance and achieve its goals.  The LSUHSC-S Strategic Plan (HMA) is linked below:

LSUHSC-S Strategic Plan (HMA)

La. R.S. 39:31 Strategic Plan

Pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statute 39:31, LSUHSC-S engages in strategic planning and produces a strategic plan to be used to guide its ongoing and proposed activities for the next five years.  This plan is subject to regular revision and updates, at a minimum interval of every three years.  LSUHSC-S's most recent five-year strategic plan for 2023-24 through 2027-28 is linked below:

Louisiana R.S. 39:31 Strategic Plan 
FY 2023-2024 – FY 2027-2028

(Revised June 10, 2022)