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LSUHS Project Selected by NASA to Prepare for Future Space Research

The research of Lynn Harrison, PhD, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at LSU Health Shreveport, was recently selected by NASA’s Space Biology Program as one of three space biology proposals to prepare for future research on the surface of the moon. Only a few biological experiments have been conducted beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO), meaning the biological effects of conditions beyond LEO are still poorly understood. Dr. Harrison’s research project, “Investigating Lunar Stress and Parkinson's Disease using an Alpha Synuclein Yeast Model,” along with the two other projects selected, seek to widen NASA’s understanding of biological responses beyond LEO by preparing experiments in which yeast, a eukaryotic microorganism, will be grown and monitored on the lunar surface utilizing the BioSensor hardware. The three selected investigators will work with a team of NASA engineers for hardware integration and testing from 2022-2025 utilizing $900,000 in grant funding. Visit the Lynn Harrison Lab.

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