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LSUHS Postdoctoral Fellow receives Award from American Heart Association

Mabruka Alfaidi, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow in Pathology at LSU Health Shreveport, has been selected as a recipient of an American Heart Association Career Development Award. This prestigious award supports highly promising healthcare and academic professionals in the early years of their career by funding innovative research and training to assure the future success of the awardee as a cardiovascular independent scientist.

During this award’s funding duration of three years, Dr. Alfaidi will complete her postdoctoral fellowship (which is also supported by the American Heart Association) and transition to a tenure track faculty position. She plans to continue studying the mechanism by which heart disease is developed, particularly heart attacks, with a goal of creating a small molecule inhibitor that can prevent endothelial dysfunction from inside endothelial cells. Achieving this goal holds tremendous promise in the treatment and possible prevention of heart attacks. Funding from the AHA Career Development Award will also allow Dr. Alfaidi to open her own lab and compete for more independent funding while training a future generation of scientists.

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