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LSUHS Pandemic Response

LSU Health Shreveport has been on the front line fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning. The establishment of the Emerging Viral Threats lab in March of 2020 led to mass testing and vaccination sites, clinical trials in patient treatment options and viral sequencing that discovered 7 COVID-19. variants. As of September 2021, the CEVT lab has processed over 429,000 PCR samples, from 61 of 64 parishes, sequenced over 5,400 samples, and provided over 90,000 vaccine doses. With children returning to school this September, LSUHS continues to meet the community's health needs by providing in-school COVID testing to K-12 schools in 32 Louisiana parishes. LSU Health has received national and international coverage as a leader in fighting COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. 

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