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For more than a year LSU Health Shreveport has been in the vanguard, leading Louisiana and much of the nation as our faculty scientists and physician specialists collaborate against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Our entire team has been humbled by the national and international acknowledgement of LSU Health Shreveport’s leadership contributions to a better understanding of the virus as well as in development of effective treatments.

While we are proud of these amazing accomplishments, the best is yet to come. Many other research advancements have also occurred at LSU Health Shreveport during this time outside of COVID-19 that set us on a strong trajectory for future growth in the coming months and years. Importantly, research from our centers and faculty laboratories across our campus, and in clinical trials, are thriving throughout north Louisiana and are leading to new successful commercialization efforts derived from US and international patents based on these accomplishments. I invite you to learn the latest about your LSU Health Shreveport’s research highlighted in this edition of Inside: Research. - Chris Kevil, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research

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