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Student Advisory Group on Evaluation (SAGE) Honor Society announces 2020-2021 members

The SAGE organization is composed of medical students from all four years, each selected by members of the Curriculum Evaluation Committee, a sub-committee of the Medical Curriculum Council. The purpose of SAGE is to promote the amicable exchange of opinions between the student body and the faculty, with a view to the consistent betterment of the educational, medical, and scientific standards of the School of Medicine.

One of the primary roles of SAGE is to collect, organize, record, and voice the opinions of the students regarding the required pre-clinical and clinical courses. This is a continuous evaluation process which, to the credit of an interested and receptive faculty, will have a significant impact on the evolution of the medical curriculum at LSU Health Shreveport. Faculty Sponsors are Christi Rinaudo, EdD ( and Ashley Abrams, MHA (

The 2020-2021 SAGE Honor Society Members are as follows with their class year:

2021 - Cole Bergeron; Katie Frith; Sarah Kaufmann; Mae Lobrano; Grant Pearson; Connor Rougelot; Claire Stowers; Megan Tinsley; Haley Harrington (MCC Rep); Eleni Mijalis (MCC Rep)

2022 - Joseph Drinkard; Cole Evensky; Taylor Hill; Brady Howard; Lena Kawji; Brittany Wagner; Jeremy Watson; Paylor Chavanne (MCC Rep); Patrick Ingraffia (MCC Rep)

2023 - Alida Robin; Carol Crochet; Rachel Parks; Jessica Rodriguez; Caroline DeGraw; Julia Cucarola; Alexandra Zeringue

2024 - Jordan Cross; Grace Kennedy; Heidi Ventresca

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