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three medical students

Three LSU Health Shreveport second year medical students have been chosen to participate in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Scholar Program: Reagan Abadie, Nicholas Jones and Tyler Tran. The NIH All of Us Research Scholars program aims to address the critical need to reduce disparities in healthcare and the biomedical workforce by supporting young researchers. During the eight months of the program, in addition to continuing as full-time medical students, our students are conducting a research project, receiving skills training, and connecting with a mentor for professional development.

Abadie, Jones and Tran have each designed and begun conducting a research project of their choosing utilizing the diverse dataset from the All of Us Research Hub, a dataset with over 556,000 participants, 338,000 electronic health records and 410,000 biosamples available to researchers. At the conclusion of the program, they will display a poster presentation of their findings at the annual All of Us Researchers Convention, which is being held in New Orleans in the Spring of 2023.


Reagan Abadie
“My research project is currently focused on the prevalence of female infertility due to obesity in the United States region. Through this program, I will gain experience with research methods and techniques that will help me grow as a researcher, with the guidance of a mentor.”


Nicholas Jones
“My research project is on the correlation of an individual’s sexual orientation and the risk of cardiovascular disease. We met with our mentors the first week of the program and have been working closely with them to design suitable research to present. I’m thankful the program has given me the opportunity to network and focus on designing my own research question.”


Tyler Tran
“My research topic is ‘The association of increased plasma HDL cholesterol and risk of myocardial infarction in minority populations.’ The number one factor that distinguishes this program from other research programs is the ability to work at our own pace. Thanks to this I’ve been able to develop a research topic emphasizing my interests in medicine all while maintaining strong academics.”

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