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Acclaimed author, Sophia Nelson, promotes self-care to LSUHS Faculty, Staff and Students

As LSU Health Shreveport continues to promote and provide wellness opportunities for faculty, staff and students, the LSUHS Office of Institutional Wellness welcomed Sophia A. Nelson, a best-selling non-fiction author, national columnist for USA TODAY, Washington Post & TheGrio and a renowned TV political pundit, university scholar and adjunct professor of law and politics to present “The Importance of Post Pandemic Self Care”.   Mrs. Nelson's latest  book, "Be The One You Need," will be featured in the July 18th issue of People Magazine as its best new "self-help" book..

Ms. Nelson's presentation was scheduled as a way to address the mounting mental and emotional health crisis heightened by the onset and lingering of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Recent research revealed an increasing number of Americans are experiencing depression, isolation, bullying and worry amidst daily traumas in the form of political division, racial division, school shootings, and grocery store massacres.  These daily traumas are being dealt with on top of the more than one million COVID-19 deaths creating disturbing levels of mental health crises throughout America.

"Stress and burnout are serious and growing threats to the mental health of our campus," shares Dr. Marie Vazquez Morgan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Wellness at LSUHS. "Recent estimates of burnout in medical students and residents are quite high, with more than half displaying signs of stress, anxiety and depression.  The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the state of poor mental health in student populations and health care providers.  Research studies report that virtual/in person presentations on the importance of stress management and self-care during lunch hours or protected time can facilitate resilience and self-care."

"Sophia Nelson’s talk on the importance of post-pandemic self-care, based on her bestselling book “Be the One you Need: Life Lessons I Learned Taking Care of Everyone But Me,” provided vital information on the what self-care is, and isn’t, as well as seven life lessons as to how to better care for ourselves. Post-session surveys displayed that 85% of attendees reported the presentation to be relevant in assisting with their self-care wellness needs, and 95% reported that attending the session increased the importance of self-care as a priority for their wellbeing."

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(left to right) Dr. Markey Pierré, LSUHS Vice Chancellor for External Affairs; Dr. Suzanne Tinsley, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement; Sophia Nelson, Esq.; and Dr. Marie Vazquez Morgan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Wellness

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