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Given the health disparities we are experiencing with the COVID 19 pandemic, LSU Health Shreveport's School of Allied Health Professions (SAHP) needs your help today!

Results from of a 2015 Community Foundation study identified a food desert in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood. Data collected over the past 2 years from health fairs displayed the majority of participants were obese (89%).  Seventy five percent of the participants stated that they were interested in starting an exercise program and participating in cooking classes. There is a disproportionate amount of obesity related illness (diabetes, heart disease, cancer) in Black communities in Louisiana, especially those that are economically challenged like the area of Hollywood Heights. The rate of COVID related death in the Black population is 57%, although they make up only 33% of the state's population. Black residents in Louisiana die 2.65 times the rate of other races/ethnicities. In NW Louisiana near Shreveport, Black residents are dying at 3.86 times the rate. Data shows elevated blood pressure was the leading underlying condition present in the state's corona-virus deaths. The other top causes include diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  These diseases can be reduced through regular physical activity and proper nutrition.

The Eat Right and Move Program

Purpose: To decrease obesity and risk factors for heart disease, to reduce the rate of COVID related illness and death in the Black population. Weekly exercise classes and monthly cooking classes and seminars will be offered. We will be tracking the measures of body mass, cholesterol and blood sugar levels in all participants. These measures will be repeated at the end of the 6-month program. To provide sustainability of the program, peer health mentors will be identified from the community to be trained to participate in Phase 2 of the program to continue to move the program forward.

SAHP needs your help to make the Eat Right and Move community based program available to residents who need it the most! We need to raise $6,000 by October 15th to obtain the $50,000 grant from USA Today.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause today!

For any questions or ways to help, please contact:
Marie Vazquez Morgan PT PhD
Cell:  (318) 393-2040

To Make a Contribution go to:

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