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LSUHS Residents Deliver Holiday Gifts to Caddo Heights Elementary School

On Monday, December 19, members of the LSU Health Shreveport Resident Council delivered gifts to students at Caddo Heights Math/Science Elementary School (CHMSE). Residency is the training physicians must complete to practice or specialize following medical school. A resident is a physician (who holds the degree of MD, DDS or DO) in a GME program under the direct or indirect supervision of an attending physician. Throughout the month of December, LSUHS School of Medicine departments and students collected gifts to ensure that each child at the school, totaling 367 students, received a present.

Staff at CHMSE brought class by class to the school gymnasium for their Christmas surprise. There they found Santa waiting in front of a fireplace backdrop, organized by principal Cleveland Mouton. As they were led to their seats, you could hear whispers of excitement that bubbled in to audible giggles as they were each handed a gift by an LSUHS resident. From there, Principal Mouton counted down 3..2..1 and the room exploded with cheer as the students opened their gifts. Our residents received countless hugs and a Christmas carol from the students to showing their gratitude.

LSU Health Shreveport is proud of our residents who rally support for a neighborhood school and provide a special holiday surprise for local students and their families.

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