The Office of Legal Affairs and Organizational Integrity serves as in-house legal counsel for LSU Health Shreveport.  The department's mission is to ensure legal interests of the institution, faculty, staff, students, and patients are monitored and protected. Legal advice related to Medical School operations and specific legal guidance is provided in the following areas:
Conflict of Interest Management, Medical Malpractice, Third Party Liability, Immigration and Contracts.

Nurture a Culture of Integrity. Voice your concerns. LSU Ethics Hotline 24/7 at 855-561-4099 or

LSU is committed to open and honest communication of concerns, and encourages the members of the LSU community to report issues and/or concerns though established reporting channels whenever possible. Every member of the LSU community deserves to work and study in a safe and comfortable environment. It is now easier than ever to voice your concerns with the newly launched Ethics, Integrity and Misconduct Helpline. In situations where reporting in confidence is preferred, use of the LSU Ethics and Integrity Helpline is encouraged.  ​​​​​​​


Department of Legal Affairs
P.O. Box 33932
Shreveport, LA 71130-3932

Carranza Pryor
Chief Counsel

Telephone:  (318) 675-5406
Fax: (318) 675-4608

Eileen Byrd, Paralegal
Telephone: (318) 675-4868

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Legal Affairs & Organizational Integrity