Sharon Dunn, PhD, PT

Dean of School of Allied Health Professions, Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration

Chris Kevil

Dean of School of Graduate Studies, Vice Chancellor for Research

man wearing a black suit and blue striped tie
David Lewis, MD, MBA

Dean of School of Medicine,
President of the Ochsner LSUHS Physician Group

Chief Compliance and Investigation Officer

Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance

Man with dark complexion wearing blue suit and tie

Chief Counsel

Vice Chancellor for Monroe Academic & Clinical Affairs

Toni Thibeaux, EdD

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity Affairs

woman wearing a green jacket with a scarf around neck and hair coifed above her head
Markey W. Pierré, DBA, MBA

Vice Chancellor for External Affairs

woman with blonde hair wearing a green dress
Lisa Babin

Executive Director for Public Affairs & Communication

man wearing glasses and blue suit and tie
Kevin Flood
President & CEO of LSUHS Foundation