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Meet a few of our long-time employees as they share their memories of working for LSU Health Shreveport.


Meet our 2019 Employee Excellence Award Winners!

Kathleen Bloomingdale

Library Associate

Kathleen has spent her career at LSU Health Shreveport focused on providing the best support to those departments she has served.  At the Health Sciences Library, Kathleen as a Coordinator of Academic Area does an amazing job at helping the faculty and staff stay on budget and project targets. However, in the past year, Kathleen stepped up to help with computer services in the library that needed to be done that were outside of her standard job duties. Taking on these extra duties, greatly assisted the library in making sure that the students, staff and faculty could utilize computer resources in the library at a time when staffing was unexpectedly low. While voluntarily doing these additional duties, she continued to be enthusiastic, cheery and bring heart to the library. She is the epitome of employee excellence and service.


Allison Brosett receives an Employee Excellence Award from LSUHS.

Assistant Residency Coordinator, Family Medicine - Alexandria

Allison has been described as dedicated, honest, collaborative, eager, and an all-around fabulous employee. She goes above and beyond in the pursuit of excellence and is continuously developing best practices and furthering her knowledge to ensure the Family Medicine residency program runs efficiently and effectively. Although her role can be incredibly stressful at times, she always instills humor and looks to find the positive in difficult circumstances, making every day enjoyable for all who have the pleasure of working with her.

Erica Bryant-Delaney  receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Coordinator, SAHP Clinical Services

Erica is known for her dependability, work ethic, gentle demeanor, and her ability to brighten even the most challenging situations.  As a front-line ambassador for Clinical Services at the School of Allied Health Professions, Erica is faced with sensitive cases on a daily basis and always handles them with the utmost professionalism, bringing a sense of comfort to some of Allied Health’s most vulnerable patients and caregivers.  She has a special way of uplifting everyone around her with her smile and cheerful countenance.  

Linda Doucet receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

RN, Surgery

Linda is known for her dedication to her patients and ensuring each one receives the highest standard of care.  Even with the countless hours she spends in the operating room assisting Vascular Surgeons in limb and life-saving surgeries, she can always be found with a smile on her face and happy to help anytime she is needed.  Linda is an invaluable asset to LSU Health Shreveport, the Surgery department and her patients. 

Dr. Hayat receives Employee Excellence Award presented by Chancellor Ghali.

Chief and Director of the Center for Excellence in Arthritis and Rheumatology

Dr. Hayat is described by her colleagues as an extremely caring and compassionate physician who leads by example and is a true role model for all who have the privilege of working with her. She is always available and accessible as a guide and mentor to students and fellows; even her former fellows continue to seek guidance from her while practicing in various regions.  Dr. Hayat is deeply admired by many of her patients for the life-changing care she has provided them.  

Ulander Holloway receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Accounts Payable Manager, Accounting Services

Ulander is the quintessential “get-it-done” person in Accounting Services.  She gives 100% to anything she is working on and is always ready and willing for new challenges, including taking on the additional duties of other vacant positions in the department for months on end.  Her colleagues and others outside of the department look to her as a wonderful leader for her calm demeanor and ability to excel in all she does.

John Norris receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Program Manager, Computing Services

John may be behind the scenes in his role with Computing Services, but it is clear that he is a well-respected leader in his department and the Shreveport- Bossier community.  He has been characterized as a compassionate, transformational and encouraging individual with a strong sense of integrity.  In addition to the non-traditional work hours he spends responding to IT issues for the institution, he volunteers for numerous nonprofit organizations and is pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership Studies at LSUS.  Several of his peers have credited him for encouraging them to return to school and pursue advanced degrees.  

Paula Polk receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Assistant Director, Research Core Facility

Paula has earned the love and respect of so many, being described as the backbone to the Research Core Facility and the one everyone goes to for information and guidance. She willingly shares her knowledge of theory and experimentation with scientists and researchers and remains determined to assist anyone until a solution is found.  Many of the researchers on campus say they are indebted to Paula for her service to the RCF and her contributions to the data used to have their work published and to obtain grant funding for their research.

Candace Posey receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Financial Analyst, Accounting Services

Candace has been noted as dependable, thorough and a great communicator who is constantly excelling and growing within the institution.  No matter how difficult the job, she always completes the task with enthusiasm, making the department more efficient and productive.  Candace truly exemplifies an employee who strives to raise the department’s standards internally and within the community.  She is a dedicated employee who is appreciated by all who work with her.

David Wright receives an Employee Excellence Award from Chancellor Ghali.

Graphic Designer, Medical Communications

David has been described as the person who goes the extra mile, supportive of his colleagues and those he serves with no expectation for recognition.  He is a huge asset to the Medical Communications department, known for his servant heart and respected for his talent.  He is willing to take on tasks outside of his job responsibilities and, without question or complaint, will pivot from his current project to complete an urgent task when needed. He is great at anticipating an action that would be helpful to others and doing so with a happy spirit.  His demeanor may be low-key, but his skills, intellect and heart are anything but.

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