LSU Health Shreveport Compliance Office Mission Statement

It is the mission of the LSU Health Shreveport Compliance Office to ensure that LSU Health Shreveport conducts activities related to education, research, or clinical services in a manner that is both consistent with regulatory and statutory law as well as the highest ethical standards. The Compliance Office promotes the prevention, detection, and resolution of actions that do not conform to these laws and standards and facilitates the implementation of a "compliant culture".

How to Report Non-Compliance

All employees, medical staff, contractors, vendors, patients, students, and visitors of LSU Health Shreveport are encouraged to report any conduct that you have knowledge of or suspect may be unethical or fraudulent.  If you become aware of conduct that is non-compliant with the laws, regulations and policies, you may use the Hotline to register your concern.  An employee may also discuss their concerns with their supervisor or make a personal report directly to the Compliance Office. 

Federal law protects you from retaliation for reporting suspected unethical or fraudulent conduct.
LSU Health Shreveport also has established methods for confidential and anonymous reporting.  It is our responsibility to react appropriately and promptly to your concerns.